Electric Powered Surfboards

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Electric surfboards have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years and are a fun, environmentally friendly toy to have onboard.

Electric powered boards are quiet, fast, agile, lightweight due to their carbon fibre construction and maintenance free so perfect for yacht or leisure use. The lithium-ion batteries also eliminate the need to carry fuel onboard.


The Lampuga

The Lampuga is already making waves in the leisure market. The handling of the unit is very easy due to the lightweight carbon design and it is controlled by a steering cable attached to the bow of the board. The accelerator throttle is incorporated into the steering cable providing a secure connection to the board and full control for the rider. The Lampuga also features an automated emergency stop mechanism to shut power to the engine off instantaneously in the event of a loss of control or if the rider falls off the board.


Lampuga Boost GT
Speed: up to 54 km/h / 34 mph / 29 kn*
Battery: up to 30 minutes*
Range: up to um to 20 km / 12 miles / 11 nautical miles*
Engine: 20 HP/14.9 kW
Charging: ≈ 120 minutes
Weight: 37 kg / 82 lb
Measures: 2.49 x 0.82 x 0.16 m / 8’2’’ x 2’8’’ x 6’’
Surface: Carbon/Varnished

Lampuga Boost GTR
Speed: up to 61 km/h / 38 mph
Battery: up to 40 minutes*
Range: up to um to 20 km / 12 miles / 11 nautical miles*
Engine: 24.6 HP, 18.1 kW
Charging: ≈ 120 minutes
Weight: 41 kg / 90 lb
Measures: 2.49 x 0.82 x 0.16 m / 8’2’’ x 2’8’’ x 6’’
Surface: Carbon/Varnished

Lampuga Air
Speed: up to 31 mph/ 50 km/h
Battery: up to 30 minutes
Range: up to 20 km / 12 miles / 11 nautical miles*
Engine: 16.3 HP / 12 kW
Charging: ≈ 120 minutes
Weight: 28 kg / 62 lb
Measures: 2.10 x 0.70 x 0.16 m / 6’11’’ x 2’4’’ x 6’’
Available colours: black, white, black / yellow, blue / grey, grey / red
The Lampuga Air consists of a Powerbox including power unit and impeller and an inflatable body. The Powerbox can be combined with other inflatable bodies: Lampuga Buddy, Lampuga Air Plus, Lampuga Shuttle, and Lampuga Rescue.

*Max. speed, battery duration and range depend on the driver, the driving style and water condition

Radinn Wakejet Cruise

The Wakejet Cruise is the first product from innovative Swedish company Radinn.

The board, wireless remote, and jet-propulsion system are custom built to maximize efficiency and intuitively enable the rider to turn in a similar fashion to wakeboarding. An exchangeable battery pack is easily removed and recharges in only 2 hours. The board can reach speeds of up to 47kmh with 890NM of torque in near complete silence through the custom 15HP brushless DC motor. No need for messy oil change or maintenance.

The Radinn Wakejet sets the bar with a 100% waterproof shell rated to 2m. In addition, the carbon fibre body with re-enforced Kevlar makes for a strong housing and a total weight of just 35kg. Its superb stability generates fun for first time riders and the most extreme water sports enthusiasts. Radinn have created a personal user experience creating a totally configurable ride, settings, battery time and board status through the Radinn centre app. Combining the agility and speed of wakeboarding with the freedom of surfing, this electric wakeboard allows for riding in the ocean, sea, lake or even up a rapid. Built and assembled in Sweden.


Lightweight and portable: 190cm x 80cm x 18cm and 35kg
Powerful: Torque 890NM, Top Speed 47km/h
100% Waterproof: IP68 rated down to 2m
Wireless remote: Board battery indication through guide light
Fast recharge and removable battery: 2 hours to charge, quick access battery
Rigid & Hydrodynamic Construction: Carbon Fibre body with re-enforced kevlar
System monitoring: Sensors and computers monitor products in real time
Replaceable modules: Easy service modular system
Mobile application: Configurable riders settings, battery time and board status.
Battery time: 15-20 mins full speed (dependant upon rider weight, water conditions etc)