Inflatable Jetski / Seabob Docks

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Providing the perfect place to store your jetskis or seabobs during those days on anchor when the toys are being taken out regularly. These inflatable platforms are strong, stable and forgiving of some less-than-perfect parking skills! Built out of dropstitch material with a non-slip surface and water ballast bags for extra stability these can be bought in standard sizes or custom built to your requirements in the colour of your choice with branding if required.

Jetski Dock

We offer two models of jet-ski dock. The standard version measures 5.4m wide and 3m deep. This will accommodate 2 jet-skis either bow in or stern in. We also do a custom version, which can be built to any size and specification on request. Water ballast bags on the corners of the raft are included for extra stability. The surface of the dock is covered in an incredibly strong, non-slip material (the same drop stitch material as is used on stand up paddleboards).

No longer do you need to have to worry about guests hitting the yacht’s stern when bringing the jet-skis back in. These docks provide a safe and secure area to store skis when at anchor and also pack down into one manageable bag. All docks have a 3-year warranty. Pack down size is 0.6m x 0.9m x 1.5m and weight 80kg.

Seabob Dock

The Seabob dock is our smallest dock, measuring 21cm thick from drop stitch material so very firm when inflated but yet easy to stow. The dock measures 2m x 1.5m inflated and will house 2 Seabobs. Ballast bags can be included on the dock to ensure its stability.

The dock has 2 x 2 inch straps to secure the Seabobs in the dock. The dock inflates and deflates quickly and comes with a bag for easy storage. The product has a 3-year warranty. Pack down size is 0.3m x 0.5m x 0.8m and weight 13kg.