2021 Iguana X100 - €295,000.00

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    Available for sea trials in Poole, Dorset this Iguana X100 is a generous 10m boat. Roomy and well designed to deliver the most enjoyable times on the water. Water skiing, fishing, sunbathing and adventure are now easily accessible.

    10 Years of constant engineering have lead to the most capable all terrain track system. Using a synergy of the strongest materials combined with cutting edge technology makes the Iguana the only boat that can comfortably conquer any land with the simple touch of a button.

    The Iguana is safe, easy to manoeuvre and stored on land away from storms and vandalism. Taking a cooler, picnic, watersport equipment and the family to the marina requires awkward planning and logistics. With the Iguana you avoid 80% of boating accidents which happen when passengers embark and disembark. The Iguana is steady and stable on land with a generous secure ladder; perfect for family who take time to board.

    Key Figures
    • Overall Length: 9.44 m / 31′
    • Beam: 3.4 m / 11′
    • Weight:3 400 kg / 7 495 lbs
    • Overall Height: 3.26 m / 11′
    • Maximum Payload: 2 100 kg / 4 630 lbs
    • Capacity: 12 pax
    • Maximum Speed: 50 knots
    • Integral Fuel Tank: 2×250 L
    • Maximum Ground Speed: 7 kmh / 4.4 mph
    • Maximum Power: 600 HP



    • 2021 Iguana X100 + Comfort package + Electronic package
    • Twin 300 HP Mercury V8
    • Joystick Mercury
    • T Top
    • Electric Flush Head
    • Camera in the landing gear
    • Electric deployable wind lass
    • LEDS in the landing gear