Bobcat MSV Explorer – Semi Submersible

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A unique opportunity exists to acquire this MSV Explorer Bobcat Semi-Submersible Amphibian inclusive of a twin axle car transporter trailer.
Previously used for documentary and demonstration purposes only since she was built in 2013.
One of it’s kind in the world, drive straight from your yacht garage to the beach in true James Bond style. A unique way to deliver you guests from superyacht to beach or simply experience the undersea world during the day or at night in perfect safety.

Offers invited in the region of £120,000.00

Included in Sale:

2013 MSV Explorer Bobcat Semi-Submersible Amphibian will be sold inclusive of the following:
Full training in UK
Up To Date Marine Survey
Full Service
Photographic Build History
Twin Axle Trailer With S4000 Superwinch

Comprehensive Spares to Include:-
2 x Torqeedo Thrusters
2 x  Props
2 x  LED Throttle Controls
2 x Torqeedo Smart Lithium Iron 24 volt Batteries
2 x Torqeedo Battery Chargers
2 x Permanent Magnet Hydraulic Power Pack Motors



General Arrangement
The craft is arranged with two self returning side by side seats in the upper floating hull, with two extra seats side by side in the observation cockpit beneath. The mean dimensions are LOA 3.600 m x 2.350 m x 1.200 m draft, weighing in at 1.7 tonne.

General Specification
Twin Torqeedo Cruise 2 Thrusters, each with own Smart Lithium Iron 24 volt Power Supply, dedicated charger and LED Status Throttle Controls
Hydraulic Cat Tracks, each with own 14 kw – 48 volt Permanent Magnet Power Pack and Smart Lithium Iron Battery Bank with Separate Chargers
Twin Cat Track Drive Throttles & Motor Controller
Victron Inverter, Twin Shore Supply Sockets & Cables
Twin High Power LED Underwater Head Lamps plus four LED Underwater Down Lights
Twin Forward Deck Lights, 360 Degree White Running Light, Internal Lights Including Service Areas  and Bulkhead Voids
Air Conditioning Including Screen and Cat Track Power Plant Intercooler Blowers
17 inch Split Screen Camera Monitor Plus Over & Underwater Camera Mountings & Cameras
Life Jackets, Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit, 2 Ship-Shore Handsets, Tool Kit, Telescopic Internal Steps & Exterior Side Ladder
4 Electric Bilge Pumps Located In Hull Bulkhead Voids & Observation Cockpit
Quick Release Upper Canopy With 6mm Smoked Acrylic Screen
Cast & Hand Finished 40mm Thick Acrylic Observation Cockpit Hemisphere With 10mm Wire Collision Dampers Front & Rear
Front-Rear- Internal Towing & Lifting Shackles Including Four Way Vertical Lifting Harness.

The machine has the capability of around 6 knots in forward or reverse and can spin on own axis both in water and on land facilitating unique simplicity for the manoeuvring and parking on board ship.

Despite the power of the craft, if used as intended a duty cycle of in excess of 50 hrs can be expected in water and 8 hrs on land however it is a wise precaution to plug in and recharge at every available interval.