JF220 Jetlev Flyer (2 available) - €29,000.00 each

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An astonishing jetpack that allows flight above and below the water surface, the revolutionary JETLEV-FLYER JF-220, is powered by an efficient 220 HP four stroke marine engine and is made out of LFI, composite and fibre glass for an every day use in rough water. It provides smooth, comfortable flights as well as exciting flying thrills.

Price includes spare parts in excess of $1000:  wiring harness, additional throttle grip, 2 person harness, clasps for hoses, electronic control box, new graphics kit (only for one unit), spare cable.

Low engine hours.

Available for immediate delivery. New single trailer included for transportation within the USA. If both units are purchased, then a double trailer included.  All taxes paid in the USA.

RRP: $56,000


Length: 3,50 m
Width: 1,23 m
Height: 0,88 m
Weight (dry): 325 kg
Fuel capacity: 60 l
Year: 2014
Engine: Sea-Doo Supercharged motor (for easy maintenance)
Engine hours unit 1: 10 hours
Engine hours unit 2: 4 hours
Location: USA