Boarding Steps

The boarding ladder is meant for RIB boats to cantilever over the tube but could be also used on any boat with low bulwarks or a need for an extra height. Due to the ultimate use of carbon properties it is mounted in the deck with only one socket and can be quickly installed or removed. The height of the ladder is 680mm.

The stairs can be ordered with a deck insert or mould to manufacture the socket.


  • Teak surfacing
  • Non Skid finish
  • Painted or clear coated

Boarding Poles

Length on demand

Custom stainless fitting


  • Leather accents

Swim Ladders

The swimming ladder is designed for comfortable water access and easy storage. The alignment of the steps is leaning forward to keep the weight of the user above the steps.

The number of steps can be chosen by the client depending on the geometry of the swimming platform, ergonomic demands and available storage space.

The deck fittings are custom designed. There are two sockets to be installed in the deck. The bottom part of the ladder folds up, the handrails turn inside which results into the minimal volume for storage.

  • Extended height: 1430mm
  • Folded height: 600mm