Fendequip – maxiStow Inflatable Fenders

  • maxiStow Hypalon Inflatable Fenders: Ultimate protection for mega yachts, fully repairable and feature the unique ‘Quad’ Layered Seams for 100% air tightness
  • maxiStow PU and PVC Inflatable Fenders: Sitting firmly in our professional range the fenders are lighter than Hypalon with virtually the same strength. Manufactured from premium European fabrics and feature our ‘Triple Welded’ air-tight seams
  • maxiStow PVC Leisure Inflatable Fenders: Light and easy to handle when inflated, Ideal for smaller yachts, deflates to less than 10% of its fully inflated size with air-tight ‘Dual Welded’ seams
  • 10 year UV grade fabrics
  • Multi layered welded seams – 100% air-tightness
  • CUSTOM Sizes
  • 4 standard colours + CUSTOM colours
  • fenderCovers to suit – Acrylic weave and maxiPrene
  • 100% UK manufactured