AT Smart:

Designed for the tracking of jet skis and tenders the SmartOne is a practical and efficient solution. Viewing of the tracker is via any smart device meaning that yachts can track via their computer, phones, iPads wherever they are in the world. A crew member can be anywhere on board and track, also setting up proximity alarms and areas as required. Many yachts who tow tenders use these trackers as it means they will get an alarm if the tow line breaks, and they can also recover the vessel. Often insurance companies ask for this.

Two models available:

The AT-SmartOne can work with simple lithium batteries.
It uses motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and custom configured sensors to gather and transmit information of the property. Each device is configured to monitor the specific needs of the property on which it is installed and provide intermediate and emergency alerts by email or SMS.

AT-SmartOne C:
The AT-SmartOne-C device is smaller than its sister (AT-SmartOne) and can be concealed more easily.

The SmartOne C can be connected to an external power source or in case of absence or interruption of it, the batteries will become the main power source. Due to the battery function these units can be fixed on jet skis and tenders as required with no need for wiring. Batteries are 4 x AAA and therefore replacement or recharging is very inexpensive.

The SmartOne C uses a monitoring function by motion detection, comparative GPS location system and a detector configured customisation. Each SmartOne C can provide scheduled updates on position or simply be set to report when required.

Each tracker sold by Superyacht Tenders and Toys includes the manual and annual reporting subscription.



The AIS Class B B300 is a small, robust, internationally certified, feature-rich AIS Class B ideal for commercial vesse ls of all types. The em-trak B300 AIS Class B offers a unique combination of toughness and performance which is ideal for use in harsh commercial marine environments. After fifteen years of creating marine electronics products we understand the harsh realities of the commercial marine environment. The B300 is engineered and manufactured specifically to operate reliably and securely in these conditions whilst delivering best in class AIS receive and transmit performance.

Fully certified AIS Class B
Waterproof – IP67 Certified
Shock and vibration proof
Low power consumption
Receives and processes all AIS message types
Silent mode feature
Multiple interfaces: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 ensures plug and play compatibility with most display systems
Internal GPS antenna means that an external GPS antenna is optional
Optional anti-tamper and security features