Superyacht Dock line

We supply High quality, custom made, Superyacht dock lines, each one cut to a specific length to suit each individual requirement.

The rope is constructed with a 24 plait polyester outer jacket offering improved performance and durability, with a 12 strand high tenacity polyester core giving the shock absorbing characteristics needed on a mooring line.

Each line can be spliced with an eye, made to any size to suit requirements, this can then be covered with your choice of black leather or nylon chafe guard to give a professional finish. Dock lines are available from 24mm to 56mm.

Tender Tow Lines

Custom tender tow lines can be made up to suit individual needs, whether it be to tow a small rib or a large rigid hull tender, we can specify a tow line that will be up to the job.

Our products use a combination of 12 strand dyneema SK 78 for the tow and hawser, this provides maximum strength to weight ratio, therefore allowing you to reduce the diameter of the line, which in turn makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

Nylon or polyester bridles are used to provide the element of stretch needed to absorb any snatch loads whilst the tender is under tow. All connections are spliced with soft shackle connections to minimise damage to the vessel. There is also the option to use chafe guard material to reduce weight and possibility of chafe. Each of these components is combined to produce a high quality tow package for your tender.

General Rigging

We can also cater for a multitude of running rigging and mooring applications so please contact us with any enquiry.