The games decks, which are often on the bow or on helipads, can be used for playing basketball, football, tennis and volleyball; making great use of deck space that has been freed up by flush anchor systems and clear decks. Made entirely from carbon (including football goals etc.), they are light and manageable as well as quick and easy to assemble. They can be custom-made to any shape and size to create a bespoke, personal sports court.

The games decks are typically made of carbon poles 3m in length and spaced every few meters around the edge. Corner posts and side poles are inserted into the deck fittings. Dyneema side nets are connected to the corner poles and tensioned using Spinlock jammers attached to the corner poles. For additional stability, Harken fiddles are attached to the corner poles and tensioned. All poles are produced in pre-preg carbon fibre.

Additional unique features include specially made storage bags, which are easily stackable. The structure is rated and approved for up to 30 knots of wind plus a 3-person impact. All games decks are fitted by the SYTT team and the crew trained on handover.


The games wall is 10cm thick and made to fit the yachts securing points. Tennis and footballs can be hit against it for playing games. It also acts as a windbreak for ball sports when at anchor. The net is adjustable and can be tailored for all sports. With net removed it makes a large outdoor movie screen for use on board, or at beach parties.