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Amphibious Tenders

Luxury, capacity, shelter, safety, stowability and low-maintenance are all primary qualities of the world’s finest yacht tenders, but there was something missing… until now, full amphibian capability. A tender should be an extension of its yacht’s luxurious experience, but that experience is diminished when getting ashore. Experiencing beach landings can be wet, dangerous and even impossible unless your tender is an Iguana. Now, you and all of your guests can be free, safe and dry. You have the freedom to drive your Iguana Yacht tender directly onto virtually any beach even in four-foot surf… Iguana Yachts provides amphibious luxury as the new standard in yacht tenders.

Iguana Yachts accepts no compromise, especially when it comes to safety. Iguana amphibious tenders’ unique hull shape provides a fast, dry and super-stable ride at sea, and on the land crew and guests are safe and comfortable on Iguana’s strong and perfectly stable platform. Due to a very low center of gravity and tremendous torque, Iguana amphibious tenders are capable of climbing virtually any beach, easily grappling variable slopes of 30%+. Obviously, Iguana amphibious tenders will take passengers comfortably and safely from sea to land and vice versa, but they also provide the crew with the perfect platform for preparing the beach by empowering them to get gear ashore quickly and safely without the risk of capsizing or injury.

Iguana amphibious tenders are specifically designed to score high in all aspects of functionality, reliability, safety and low maintenance, thus creating less work for crew and providing a safer, more productive work environment.
Preparing the beach for guests with a traditional tender typically requires at least 4 crew members and becomes a very difficult task if there is even small surf. With an Iguana amphibious tender, 2 crew members can safely drive directly ashore and stage the beach two times faster than it would take with a regular tender. Crew can save over 3 hours per day while staying dry, clean and ready for the next task.



The Iguana X100 is a generous 10m boat. Roomy and well designed to deliver the most enjoyable times on the water. Water skiing, fishing, sunbathing and adventure are now easily accessible. Constructed with the strongest materials including Hypalon 860 grade tubes. The best options are offered like the super power twin 300hp outboards, a generous T-Top, integrated head and the well considered Comfort and Fishing packs allowing owners to create their ideal boat.

Length 9.6 m
Width 3.4 m
Width deflated 2.95 m
Total height on tracks 3.25 m
Weight 3.4 t
Max payload 2 t
Pax Cat C 12, Cat B 8
Max power 2 x 300 HP
Fuel Capacity 500 L

POWER AT YOUR FINGER TIPS – Up to 600 horsepower delivered through twin outboards
TOP SPEEDS – Up to 55 mph
EMBARK IN ALL WEATHERS – Seamless transition from land to sea even in 4 ft waves.
MORE RANGE, MORE USE – A 500L fuel tank fitted as standard takes the range up to 150 miles
2 TONNE CAPACITY – A ground capacity of up to 2 tonnes of payload gives plenty of allowance for guests and equipment
UNLIMITED LAND USE – The cooled Hydraulic land drive produces unlimited drive and maximum torque
STEEP INCLINES – The rugged tracks can climb straight inclines of 29% and on variable beach slopes like coming out of the water the capacity can exceed 45%



A rugged boat built to endure all conditions. Easily embarks on any terrain, even in 4 foot waves. The heavy duty fender keeps all passengers dry in the choppiest of waters while the 5 shock mitigating seats make for a smooth ride across peaks and troughs.

Length 9.25 m
Width 2.74 m
Overall height 2.75m
Weight 2900 kg
Max payload 800kg
Max Speed 40knts
Maximum ground speed 7km/h

The Iguana Land drive is deployed at the touch of a button to effortlessly embark on virtually any terrain  – if you can walk it so can the Iguana. From soft sand to wet mud and jagged rocks the Iguana can tackle it all.
Two rugged tracks evenly spread the weight of the boat so she leaves the same footprint as a human on the beach.
The torque is equally distributed providing power to embark even in waves of 4 feet.
The electric land drive option will deliver up to 300 whisper quite minutes on one full charge with zero impact on the environment. While the petrol version will achieve 70 miles on a full tank.
The Iguana can carry all your guests on both land and sea.