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Let us find your Amphibious Tender


If the tender that you are looking for does not fit into any of the traditional superyacht categories there are still many options that could suit you. Why not look into an Amphibious Tender?

At Superyacht Tenders and Toys we have a huge amount of experience in custom vessels and work boats. Landing crafts and amphibious tenders are now common on larger yachts and support vessels for transporting items such as quad bikes, motor bikes, BBQs, provisions and rubbish between the yacht and the shore or for supporting activities such as diving. Landing crafts can be equipped with their own cranes and can be set up to remotely fuel jetskis and similar craft.

The large loading areas offer highly usable space for diving, watersports, fishing and other activities. Many clients choose landing crafts for their guest transportation due to the large space and quality of ride, whilst others use them for crew only duties. Luxurious craft can be designed to match the mothership, or very practical, commercial aluminium workboats can be specified according to the brief.

Superyacht Tenders and Toys is able to assist with your Amphibious Tender enquiry. We offer a complete tender support package with every purchase, which includes; advising throughout the specification, full project management and build support, assistance with VAT, duty and customs, logistics for all tender movements across the globe and complete warranty and after sales support.