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Iguana Yachts

The Iguana can conquer virtually any terrain so it can be used beyond the boundaries of a traditional boat; No need to anchor or reserve a berth, simply ascend on even the smallest stretch of land and disembark effortlessly onto dry land from a steady platform.

Amphibious is not all about keeping your feet dry, but getting ashore safely. Protect guests from the swell and boat wash which plagues many docks and beaches. Use your Iguana for all types of activities like cruising, fishing, water-sports. The unique Iguana design provide an unrivalled platform for water-sports such as Scuba diving, wake-boarding or towing your favourite inflatable.

Unlimited access to shores. Ultimate sense of freedom with Iguana’s single handed amphibious operation. No skipper required for beach landing allowing you the ultimate in privacy and autonomy if required. Twinned with the operational effectiveness of the Iguana Mobility System (IMS), exploration options really are transformed.