Inflatable Landing Craft

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    The boat was originally designed around a specific client’s needs to transport a Quad bike (ATV) from his yacht to the shore, plus to be able to be used for diving, beach barbeques and general crew duties. The expectation is that this will sell well to yachts who need a crew tender but do not have a lot of space for a rigid one on board. For larger yachts this may provide a welcome addition to get guests, crew, supplies and stores ashore.

    Designed to be the most versatile small tender available for all yachts, this inflatable tender truly is a boat that performs all roles. Designed and built in the UK the ILC is available in various sizes to fit a yacht’s requirements. Standard size is 5.5m long but it can be built to any size with any lifting point locations to meet a clients needs. Lifting points and slings come fully certified and approved.

    This boat offers a large deck volume and high performance by utilising catamaran hulls. The deck can provide a large, useful area for supplies, dive gear, carrying loads, watersports and help perform general crew duties. It is perfect for beach landings due to its shallow draft and light weight, being able to be manhandled or pulled up the beach by crew. The design utilises recent advancements in inflatable materials with a drop stitch floor (the material used for inflatable stand up paddleboards so firm under pressure but when deflated packs down small) and hypalon tubes.

    Rigging time is approximately 15 minutes out of the bag. The only non inflatable item is the transom, which the rest of the boat rolls up around when being stowed.

    This product is exclusively available through Superyacht Tenders and Toys.


    • Length 5.53m
    • Beam 2.76m
    • Pack down size: 1.6m x 0.7m x 0.4m (excluding engine)
    • Build time: 10 weeks from order confirmation
    • Tiller steered engines up to 40hp are able to be offered, giving exhilarating performance
    • Any colour combination and design available