Belassi Burrasca Watercraft

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    The World’s First High Performance Marine Hypercraft

    Supercars push what is technically possible to the limit. The relentless quest for perfection in performance and design makes them a rare breed. Now, Belassi has applied the same uncompromising approach to create the first marine hypercraft of its kind – the Burrasca. With unparalleled performance, visionary design and handcrafted engineering prowess, the Burrasca is setting the PWC world alight.

    The Burrasca is where handmade craftsmanship meets performance oriented power. With infinite temperament and state-of-the-art technology, our Marine Hypercraft defines what’s possible with PWCs over and over again. The attention to detail in its design is especially highlighted by the fact that it is made of 2,000 individual and uniquely made components.