Flyboard and Jetpack by ZR

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    The Flyboard is a water jet powered board which connects to all Jet-ski brands and allows underwater propulsion and flights of up to 12m in height. The Flyboard water hose is connected to the back of the Jet-ski and on the Flyboard Legend Kit a second user controls the throttle which elevates the user on the Flyboard. With the Flyboard your feet are in boots which are attached to the board in a forward facing position.

    The Flyboard is very intuitive: it’s like learning to walk. Find your balance and you will soon learn to fly! Around 15-20 minutes with an instructor are all you need to learn to fly on your own. Once you have flown with this incredible bit of equipment you will be hooked! The rider can fly at different heights depending upon the power of the Jet-ski, a 150hp Jet-ski allows the rider to fly up to 5-6m from the surface, a 250hp ski 10m plus.

    The FlyBoard Legend Kit includes all the necessary items for use by beginners and people who want a friend to control the throttle from the Jet ski. Initial installation takes around 20 minutes. By using the additional quick release system on the back of the Jet-ski this can be reduced to just a couple of minutes. With the additional Wireless kit the Flyboard user can have complete control over the throttle and the Jet-ski simply follows wherever you go.

    Jetpack by ZR® is a newer product from ZR, which allows the user to fly in a seated position. It is less demanding on the rider’s balance and dexterity. It is equipped with a 5 point harness as well as a release clip triggered by finger pressure. Now everyone can fly!

    Alternative Hoses

    Alternative hoses are available for the Flyboard and Jetpack so as to gain the maximum enjoyment out of your ride:

    X-Power: This is a new hose which helps the rider to gain power but also reduces flexibility. It is perfect for riders that operate on a small PWC and is generally considered to be the best choice for the Hoverboard. More advanced riders who like to do tricks would prefer the regular hose. We recommend a 200HP PWC for the regular hose and a 155HP PWC with the X-Power hose.

    X-Armor: The newest hose in the ZR line-up the X-Armor Hose is extremely durable, rubber inside and out. It also is more efficient than the Standard ZR Hose so it will deliver increased power to your Board.

    Both hoses are available in 18m or 23m lengths.

    Superyacht Service

    We are able to assist in the purchase and delivery of a Flyboard or Jetpack, fly out instructors to meet you on board, or alternatively you can fly with us in the UK. As part of the service we would cover the following:

    • Installation & removal of the Flyboard/Hoverboard on and off the Jet-ski, demonstration and training for the crew
    • Operator training for safe Flyboard/Hoverboard usage for Charter guests
    • Help with the writing of Flyboard/Hoverboard operational procedures and risk assessments

    *We can Combine Flyboard Installation with RYA PWC Training and RYA Inspections


    As the Flyboard and Jetpack are all compatible with each other packages are available to purchase with different combinations of boards. Please contact us for more information.

    Additional Wireless Kit

    Get complete control! The Wireless Kit is an optional item which can be added to the FlyBoard Legend Kit in order to control your own throttle when you are flying.


    We recommend a quick adaptor for both products in order to be able to quickly connect and disconnect the water hose to/from your Jetski. Depending on the make and model of your Jet-ski prices will vary.

    We hold a number of Flyboards in stock and are able to ship globally at short notice.

    The Flyboard comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales support and assistance from Superyacht Tenders and Toys. These are extreme sports which requires wearing a buoyancy vest, wakeboard helmet and neoprene shorts.