Inflatable Jetski Sleds

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    The inflatable rescue sleds are made with state of the art materials along with new double layer rubber technology. The reinforced composite drop-stitch provides a high tensile rigid core, making the sled super rigid whilst providing strength and durability.

    • Large easy to grab handles.
    • Stainless steel connection points.
    • Triple layer rubber on the nose of the sled to protect against friction.
    • Second chance handles that enable the rescuer every opportunity to grab the sled easily in high-pressure pick-up situations.
    • Lightweight: less then half the weight of a solid sled and doesn’t effect the drive performance of the jet ski
    • Non-damaging: less wear and tear to the jet ski where the sled connects and less chance of damage to surfboards
    • Practical: can be folded up into its own carry case and put into the car or taken on a plane to your next surf trip. Only takes three-to-five minutes to pump up by hand. Ideal for super yachts due to minimal storage.

    The sleds are also ideal for recreational use. Strap your boards on the back or even your diving gear. You can entertain the family for hours by having them on the sled and putting them through some high speed arc.