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Superyacht Inflatables

Sea Pools, Slides and Inflatable Docks

Handmade in Europe, we are the leading supplier of completely bespoke superyacht inflatables, including sea pools, superyacht slides and inflatable docks. Our skilled team are devoted to making the highest quality products, designed specifically to withstand the rigour of the yachting environment.

We’ve learnt the hard way in our own experiences working on superyachts and that’s why we only use soft loop ties on all our inflatables. This prevents paintwork damage and eliminates corrosion. We’ve also developed a super-safe quick zip system making our modular inflatables effortless to set up. The advantages are two-fold, with the rigidity of the system substantially increasing safety. What’s more, our non-slip removable covers can be printed in any design.

We’re already offering inflatables with the highest degree of abrasion and saltwater resistance over any comparable product on the market, but we’re also developing solutions that can be repurposed at the end of their working life.

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A focus on sustainability

Where possible, we use TPU. Thermoplastic polyurethane is a material that possesses a heap of technical and environmental advantages over the current industry choice of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is inherently brittle and requires the addition of plasticisers to give it pliability. It’s these plasticisers that leach harmful chemicals into the ocean. TPU on the other hand is a fully melt-processable thermoplastic, which by its very nature, is highly flexible.

Despite a higher price to produce, we are determined to manufacture inflatables for the superyacht market that are almost entirely recyclable. Our premium grade TPU doesn’t leach and is resistant to oil, grease, solvents and chemicals. It also has excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Other inflatables

We also supply custom climbing towers, aqua parks, towables, jet ski sleds… the list goes on!

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