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    The iRider is the most innovative personal transporter. It has intuitive self-balancing technology and expertly responds to your body movements. It is perfect for the daily commuter, days out with family and friends or getting around wide-open spaces such as ports and marinas. It is multi-functional and fun!


    The iRider is a third of the weight and half the size of the Segway. It is lightweight and portable. The steering column easily detaches from the driving platform and the rubber handle makes carrying the iRider a breeze.

    One of the many design features is syncing the iRider to your Smartphone through an app. This allows the user to operate different modes, such as independently driving the vehicle without having to be on it! The iRider can reach a speed of 15km/hour and a maximum climbing angle of 15°. It has Indicator Lights that show when travelling forward/breaking/turning left and right. The iRider weighs 15kg, has a 70v lithium battery which takes 4 hours to fully charge. On one charge it can travel between 16km to 30km and takes a load of up to 120kg.