Hydrofoil Water Bikes

Despite being traceable as far back as 1493, cycling has rarely been associated with water sports.

Great endeavours have been made to conquer cycling on water, but few mechanisms have truly managed to reflect the handling and exhilaration of pedalling on terra firma.

Amphibious bicycles, paddle wheels boats, water trikes — the issue has never been staying dry. In fact, it has been precisely the opposite.

Inspired by the latest generation of Manta5 Hydrofoil Bikes, cycling on water has been given a modern-day upgrade — and it involves getting wet!

Person riding a hydrofoil bike on a lake


Rousing the interests of cyclists the world over, hydrofoil cycling is now enjoying its greatest heights.

Owing its success to familiarity, the Manta5 SL3 is operated much like an ordinary bicycle.

Embodying everything you already love about cycling, the SL3 is the perfect water toy for combining exercise with exhilaration.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, the SL3 offers a fast learning curve, with most riders gaining hydrofoiling confidence in minutes rather than hours.