Manta5 SL3 Hydrofoil Bike

Peddling on water has never really taken off — until now.

Combining the thrill of lift with buoyancy and velocity, born cyclists, Manta5, have propelled cycling on water to a whole new level.

A technologically advanced yet true-to-form cycling experience, the Manta5 SL3 Hydrofoil Bike has firmly reinvented the wheel.



A fully integrated machine—as opposed to a bike mounted on a raft—the SL3 can be operated in three modes: electric-only, pedal-only or a combination of the two.

Whether launching from the shoreline or stepping off a swim platform, zipping across flat waters or racing down waves will be an exhilarating reward in addition to burning calories.

Like nothing else on the market, the Manta5 SL3 Hydrofoil Bike is quick to assemble and simple to use.

The rechargeable battery (encased in a clear IP67-rated outer layer for easy inspection) allows for an incredible 4.5-hour ride time.

The option of a throttle-only power-assisted launch eliminates all frustrations for novice riders, with a self-levelling tiler aiding your balance.

A 2.5 kW electric motor provides thrust, which coupled with your cadence (revolutions per minute), drives the bike out of the water. The result is the invigorating sensation of flying.