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Kitesurfing demands dedication and practice, but its rewards are unmatched. 

The sense of accomplishment and sheer joy that comes from harnessing the wind and waves makes for an unforgettable addition to any superyacht adventure.

With our recommended kitesurfing equipment, every wave and gust of wind becomes an opportunity for adventure. Elevate your charter experience by introducing guests to the adrenaline-fuelled kiteboarding world, ensuring moments of pure exhilaration and unforgettable memories on the open seas.

Give us an idea of your requirements by building a kitesurfing package. Our team will reach out to discuss your specific needs.

Which kitesurfer are you?

Freerider: A versatile style that encompasses the confidence for cruising, jumping and carving. This style is perfect for those seeking a range of experiences on the water while maintaining control and comfort.

Big Air Addict: Like international rider Luca Ceruti, you’ll be aiming for soaring heights and maximum airtime. You’ll awe fellow charter guests as you achieve breathtaking heights, propelling you into the sky.

Surfer: Embrace the art of riding waves using a directional board. This style harmonises the rhythm of the waves with a kite that complements your surfing prowess.

Kitefoiler: Following in the wake of pro foiler Jeremiah McDonald, you’ll elevate your experience by using a hydrofoil board that elevates you above the water’s surface. Speak to our team about the best kite for its lightness, agility, and responsiveness.

: Unleash your creativity by performing tricks and manoeuvres both in the air and on the water. This style encourages pushing boundaries and mastering aerial acrobatics with confidence. If this is you, let our toys team know!