Electric Jetskis

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    Electric vehicles to escape into the great outdoors without compromise. No fuel, no maintenance. SYTT are the global superyacht partners for Taiga Motors Orca electric watercraft and Narke, the Electrojet.

    Taiga Orca Electric Watercraft

    These carbon, 2-person, 100% electric watercraft can boast an amazing 104kph top speed, a 2-hour range and need zero maintenance making them ideal for superyachts. They are more connected and intelligent than any existing comparable watercraft offering GPS, LTS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless updates and configurable parameters all in one data centre. Taiga Motors are launching two new electric personal watercraft (PWC) Orca models: The Orca ‘Sport’ and ‘Performance’ models are an important next step in Taiga’s roadmap towards accelerating sustainable exploration of the great outdoors for all. The Orca Sport model offering 120 HP while weighing just 533 lbs. The Orca Performance model offering up to 180 HP and an optional 3-person tow sport package with instant low-end torque. In the premium segment, Taiga offers a full Carbon Performance with enhanced drive dynamics and options for tailored color and material selections.

    Narke - The Electrojet

    The Perfect Yacht Toy.
    Narke is the world’s first series-produced electrojet that is environmentally friendly and represents a sustainable future through its electric drive. A unique design available in the  GT95 model.
    With Narke The Electrojet there is no need to carry petrol on board. Leave time consuming maintenance in the past and rest assured that the required hotel load level is met thanks to the yacht friendly charging options.
    With no noise and no smell, the zero emission water toy allows guests to truly enjoy the most exclusive destinations in style.