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The biggest problem with surfing is the fact that it’s a lot of paddling, waiting and being in the right position, all to catch that one special wave. If you’re a beginner, you might not even get on the wave. That’s where Jetsurf comes in. It eliminates all of the painful parts of surfing and gets you right to where you want to be. With speeds of up to 57km/h, it’s easy to get to those waves.

The Jetsurf is a custom designed carbon fibre hull equipped with a 17hp, 6kg two-stroke engine, and an exhaust system that works with backpressure of sound waves. This innovation makes the Jetsurf the greenest petrol driven personal watercraft in the world, producing only 210 grams of CO2/hour at full speed.

The Jetsurf has been specially developed to minimize environmental impact. Using the most advanced technology, engineers have reduced the total weight of the Jetsurf to 15 kg (33lbs). Having passed homologation standards for noise emissions, the Jetsurf complies with the emission limits set for motor vessels. The complete drive unit is certified and approved by the European Commission and received the European Union label, CE.

The Jetsurf is available in 4 models

The ULTRA SPORT Model (Fun)

Designed with the novice in mind it’s the board for everyone and is perfect for famiies and rentals. The ULTRA SPORT is durable and reliable but most of all it’s fun. Its smaller engine maximizes fuel efficiency and new improved battery mean a fun riding experience for the whole family. Max Speed: 48km/h (30mph).

The FACTORY GP100 Model (Fun/Race)

The Factory GP is equally at home on a small lake or chasing down waves when the swell is pumping. It offers experienced riders a challenging ride and gives those from a watersports background the chance to push their skills on something completely new.

Beginners are able to learn quickly on flat water, gain confidence and feel the sensation of riding over the water surface at speed. The dynamic boards are easy to maneuver and allow learners to get to their feet and ride with relative ease.

The ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam connect the riders to the boards, allowing for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips.

The RACE Model (Race/Thrill)

If you do not have racing ambitions but still want to experience the feeling of real racing boards then the Race model is the right choice. It will enable you to make really sharp turns reminiscent of riding a motorbike and to master even very steep waves. Jetsurf Race board will secure a great Jetsurfing experience in any conditions you might get to.

The RACE TITANIUM (Race/Thrill)

The Race Titanium boards have been developed in collaboration with world-renowned big wave surfers and motor racing figures to produce a top of the line board for racing and big wave surfing. Those with an appetite for competition will be able to pit their skills against other racers in the battle of a rider and a machine.

The Race Titanium series boards are specially designed for fast, water turning at full throttle. The patented exhaust system delivers extra horse power to get the maximum speed of 60 km/h within just 2.8 seconds. Jetsurf Race Titanium is available to FIDSM (Fédération Internanational Du Surf Motorisé) only.

Technical Specification


Length 1800 mm / 70.87 inches
Width 600 mm / 23.62 inches
Height 150 mm / 5.91 inches
Weight 19.5 kg / 43 pounds (Race and Race Titanium are 18.5kg)
Maximum load 100 kg / 220 pounds
Fuel capacity 2.8 l / 0.74 gallons