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    Master the art of flight and breeze through the water with a Fliteboard.

    Using an iconic patented design, Byron Bay born Fliteboard have developed the most anticipated eFoil on the planet.

    Built in the same factory that machine carbon fibre spoilers for supercars, Fliteboard have set a new standard in hydrofoil technology. Completely redefining the experience of gliding through the water in total harmony with the ocean, the journey is never over with the Fliteboard Series 2.2.



    Battery safety

    A formidable titanium construction replaces the previous aluminium form. The powerhouse FliteCell battery is lighter, highly resistant to corrosion and possesses extreme resistance to impact. Employing the 21700 cell technology developed by Tesla and Panasonic, the FliteCell offers unrivalled thermal management to give you absolute peace of mind when stowed aboard your vessel. This simply won’t overheat.

    Super-strength aluminium masts

    Machined from a single piece of aluminium in a 14-hour process, the integrated mast and fuselage is deemed unbreakable by Fliteboard. Housing a tiny 60mm motor, the fuselage has been designed to accommodate a range of interchangeable accessories based on your ability and ambition.

    The world’s smallest hand controller

    Pioneering the world’s smallest ergonomic trigger with twenty virtual gears, the Flite Controller is optimised for effortless, intuitive control. Your onboard computer with high contrast monochrome display (easily visible in bright sunshine) boasts built-in GPS technology for tracking and replaying your rides on the Fliteboard app.

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