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    The MiniCat
    The MiniCat

    The MiniCat is a small and light inflatable catamaran, providing an exhilarating and fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it can easily be stowed it in the lazarette or garage. Putting it together is easy and requires no tools with a build time of 30 minutes.

    The MiniCat comes in four sizes. The Guppy is especially appealing to first-time young sailors who want to learn sailing techniques and have fun. The 310 is designed for one or two people and it packs down in to one bag. The 420 is designed for 2-4 people and packs down into two bags. The 460 Esprit and Elite are designed for more experienced sailors and gives a new experience in sailing an inflatable catamaran, especially when used with the optional Gennaker.

    They are available in a wide range of colours and options, contact us to discuss your enquiry.

    All MiniCats come with 2-year full warranty.

    Length: 3000mm
    Width: 1500mm
    Height of the Mast: 3950mm
    Weight: 29kg
    Time of Assembly: 15min

    MINICAT 420
    Length: 4200mm
    Width: 2100mm
    Height of the Mast: 5050mm
    Weight: 44kg
    Time of Assembly: 30min

    MINICAT 310
    Length: 3100mm
    Width: 1400mm
    Height of the Mast: 3800mm
    Weight: 35kg
    Time of Assembly: 25min

    Length: 4600mm
    Width: 2200mm
    Height of the Mast: 6100mm
    Weight: 589kg
    Time of Assembly: 40min

    The RS Aero
    The RS Aero

    The RS Aero is the product of three years of development, testing four different hull variations and numerous rigs, foils and layouts – resulting in a boat that RS is confident is the most technically advanced in its sector.


    Models 5 / 7 / 9
    Hull Length 4m /12’2″
    Beam 1.4m / 4’7″
    Hull Weight 30kg / 66lbs
    Hull Construction Epoxy glass & composite – foam core
    Mast 2-part carbon composite
    Boom Carbon composite
    Foils Epoxy composite – foam core

    Ultra light
    The RS Aero completely re-sets the standard for pure exhilaration in a simple single- hander. Ultra-light weight means the hull form and rigs need not be extreme, so the RS Aero is remarkably easy to handle and light weight. This makes the RS Aero exceptionally user-friendly on shore or on the yacht. It’s simplicity means the boat can be rigged in moments.
    High tech materials are used in the composite epoxy foam sandwich hull, with carbon fibre in high load areas and in the spars. Astonishingly, the RS Aero hull weighs less than an Optimist at just 30kg.
    A lifting cradle can be supplied to lift the boat out of the water and onto the yacht. The hull is also designed to stack, so yachts can stow them on top of each other taking up minimum space.

    3-rig system
    Our philosophy has always been to prioritise ultra-light weight, performance and practicality in order to produce a simple, yet refined and durable single-hander that will suit any sailor between 35 and 95kg with three rig options which will typically suit:
    Youth: RS Aero 5
    Women & light men: RS Aero 7
    Men: RS Aero 9

    Pure exhilaration
    The RS Aero ignites the excitement of sailing in its least complicated form – complex thinking leading to beautiful simplicity and involving handling for a new era. It is affordable and, with RS Sailing’s global distribution network its huge potential is already happening.

    Beautiful simplicity
    The hull has been designed and engineered to create a strong, ultra-light boat that is also highly efficient to manufacture using the latest techniques.
    The three rigs use the same top mast and boom – only the lower mast sections vary radically to suit each sail size. Tri-radial cut high denier Dacron sails offer un-matched rig adjustment and sails that generate light wind performance coupled with strong wind power control.

    Custom graphics and colours can be added.


    Stowed in 2 bags, the Tiwal 2 and Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboats are easy to transport by car, boat or airplane! Unroll, inflate, clip together… and sail! Assembly is fast and tool-free.

    The Tiwal is very easy to learn how to use. Its sailing qualities provide great sensations. Very responsive, stable and comfortable in light winds, Tiwal is dynamic in more sporty conditions.

    TIWAL 2
    The Tiwal 2 inflatable sailing dinghy is the perfect companion for young and old alike to have fun in an anchorage. It is compact, lightweight and can be assembled in the blink of an eye. With its inflatable wings and scow-shaped bow, the Tiwal 2 is comfortable, stable and very fun to sail. To explore the seas, share good times, it means fun for the whole crew!

    Mast: carbon C50 16′ 1″ length – 5 parts
    Framework: anodized aluminum
    Sail: North Sails Dacron (60ft²)
    Blocks: Harken
    Boat weight (empty): 90 lbs
    Maximum load: 330 lbs 1 adult + 1 child
    Draft : 2′ 5″
    2 carrying bags: Hull bag: 4′ 9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 55 lbs 2nd bag: 3′ 7″ x 16″ x 10″ / 45 lbs

    TIWAL 3
    Single or two-handed, the Tiwal 3 small inflatable sailboat is the boat for all your watersports escapades.
    Its aluminum exoskeleton gives it great performance even in a strong breeze. Beginners and experienced sailors love the way it slips through the water.
    Tiwal 3 means the pleasure of sailing where I want, when I want!

    Mast: 5 parts C50 carbon (16′ 1″ / 4.90 m)
    Framework: anodized aluminium
    Hull length: 10′ 6″ / 3.20 m
    Sails: Dacron and monofilm by North Sails (5.20 or 7 m²)
    Blocks: Harken
    Boat weight (empty): 50 kg
    Max load: 200 kg 2 adults or 1 adult + 2 children
    Max load on wings: 2 adults 242 lbs / 110 kg
    Draught : 75 cm
    2 carrying bags 145 × 40 × 35 cm / 28 kg each

    Topper Topaz
    Topper Topaz

    Probably the most versatile small sailboat ever. Versatile choice of rig options. From beginner to club racer.

    • Ideal for young solo beginners to gain confidence.
    • Space for two crew.
    • Can be set up with one sail or a main and jib.
    • Choice of Dacron or Mylar sail.
    • Exceptionally stable.
    • Easy to handle.
    • Very robust, maintenance free TRILAM construction
    • ISAF ‘Learn to Sail’ Class

    The Topaz System offers a versatile option for use on superyachts. A virtually indestructible hull , tracked 2 part mast for ease of storage and multiple sail options including a spinnaker for performance sailing.
    The TOPAZ ‘UNO PLUS’ is the most popular rig option and one of our best sellers.
    The UNO PLUS offers great value as a simple one or two person boat. It is easy to handle and very robust. This rig option provides a great introduction to sailing as well as being an ideal multi-purpose family dinghy.
    The TOPAZ ‘RACE X’ rig is for more experienced sailors featuring the addition of a 9.0m2 asymmetric gennaker. The Yachts and Yachting test concludes that the Race X will deliver “seriously fast sailing for the club sailor right through to a professional sailor. The asymmetric system is simple, easy to use and easy to rig and takes the boat to yet another level only found in boats costing twice the retail price”. The TOPAZ 14 is an accessible but high performance cat designed for two medium to light crew. There is room on the trampoline for three for cruising.


    An affordable, modern, durable, easy to learn and race class that brings a new definition of fun. A choice of rig sizes provides options for 40 to 100 kilo sailors. The WASZP delivers a platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers. In storage mode the wings are folded vertically upwards. This reduces the hull width to just over 1.4 m including the trolley. The sail, mast and boom can all fit neatly inside the slot between the wings for storage. Further gains can be made if the boats are parked top to tail.

    BEGINNER MODE: In beginner mode the wings are locked down to a horizontal position. This provides the most stable platform for learning to foil as the wing buoyancy is lowest to the water. It also reduces the need for active balancing to keep the boat upright. Movement around the boat is also easier on the flat surface. Beginner mode allows the sailor to concentrate on learning the balance and trim positions to initiate and sustain foiling.
    RACE MODE: Once you are confident and consistently enjoying the rush of flying, moving to race mode lifts the wings to a 17 degree angle, allowing more advanced foiling techniques such as windward heel. As the wings are further from the water this induces extra drive from the horizontal foils and increased righting leverage. This increases speed and height upwind significantly. In race mode the sky is the limit. Choose to hit the water for the pure thrill or get ready to race

    Flying Mantis
    Flying Mantis

    The Flying Mantis is a lightweight carbon, world-class trimaran for the solo sailor. High performance and forgiving multihull sailing with the ability to change from daggerboard sailing into a foiling trimaran. Designed to deliver flexibility, speed and excitement to sailors of all sizes and abilities, including taller and heavier sailors with a weight range of up to 120kgs.

    It’s two boats in one. Switch between sailing with a daggerboard and airborne foiling versions depending on the sailor’s skill and the sailing conditions. Get to know the daggerboard version and then progress to foiling. We want maximum utility from this boat.

    The Flying Mantis is easily transported and sailed almost anywhere, from lakes to the sea. It can be rigged and then sailed single-handedly. It’s light and therefore fast, with the central hull weighing c.25kgs plus outriggers at 12.5kgs each. That combined with 11.2 sqm of sail is a lot of power.



    Award winning high performance nesting sailing dinghy, assembled in 180 seconds.

    The waterproofness is safe and simple: Every one of the four sections is a closed element, waterproof and floating by itself. The whole assembly provides a self bailing cockpit, with the floor always above the waterline making Reverso stiff and safe.

    Reverso is the most stylish and innovative watertoy in the industry, already sailing onboard M/Y Tatoosh, S/Y Kamana, M/Y Mariu. and many more.

    LENGTH: 3.4m
    SAIL: 6m2 Fathead design
    MAST: 4 sections, full carbon, 2.95kg

    Foiling Dinghy
    Foiling Dinghy

    Foiling made better. The Foiling Dinghy is a modern dinghy, which enables you to foil at an affordable price. A bit of dinghy experience is enough to learn foiling very quickly. The complexity is reduced to a minimum since the foils are self-adjusting. The boat is very forgiving and easy to launch. The People’s Foiler.


    A modern dinghy with enviable space and a durable rotomolded polyethene hull – families and sailing schools can really revel in the freedom of being out on the water. Nestled in the RS range between the RS Quest and RS Venture, the RS Toura has room for up to 7 crew. Stability compliments the RS Toura’s impressive internal space, allowing sailors to tour coastal waters with confidence. Its modern design boasts responsive handling, well thought out controls and rewarding performance – with the PE3 hull removing traditional maintenance hassle. A reefable mainsail, asymmetric spinnaker, great stowage, optional outboard and a wardrobe of accessories really allows you to make the RS Toura your own – whether it’s for training or cruising, the RS Toura gives you the freedom to enjoy endless adventures in your own way.

    NO. OF CREW: 2-7
    LENGTH: 4.7m
    BEAM: 1.95m
    SAIL AREA: 28m2