Submarines and Submersibles

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We offer submarines and submersibles for large yachts and super yachts. The ultimate accessory, Superyacht Tenders and Toys is able to offer impartial advice, project management and support on the selection, purchase, operation, rental and installation of submarines for any vessel. We are experienced in designing and utilising the space available, maximising the conditions the submersible can be used in, and therefore increasing owners and guests enjoyment and usability of the sub. We are partners with all major superyacht submarine manufacturers to include but not limited to U-BOAT WORX, TRITON, SEAMAGINE and DeepFlight.

Extra Information

A number of proven options are available with 2 – 6 person capacity and able to dive up to 1000m+. Contact us to discuss the requirements in confidence.
We are also able to offer owners the opportunity to rent submarines to `try before you buy`. We also host regular ‘invitation only’ diving trips for potential customers so they can experience submarine diving for themselves first hand. Contact us to find out more.