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    Windsurfing is the fastest of all sailing disciplines with speeds of 50 knots recorded! It provides a great physical and technical challenge and is available to everyone, providing instant feedback for your efforts. With the advances of modern equipment this sport is now for all and Superyacht Tenders and Toys supply the full range of equipment from kids to advanced riders from all the leading manufacturers. All equipment can be shipped worldwide at short notice.

    Children love windsurfing as it is so hands-on with little formal learning – no rules, technical detail, they just need to jump on and enjoy. Many kids and adult boards can also double up as stand up paddleboards and are just good fun to be on, messing around on the water.

    We are able to provide fully qualified RYA windsurf coaches to come to the yacht and train the crew or guests as required. Wetsuits, impact vests and other safety equipment also available.