Big Air

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    The Big Air is one of our most popular inflatable water toys. Offering endless fun, the Big Air will send you flying through the air before landing in the water. It can be attached to any yacht with a reasonable depth of water below. We offer in stock, ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom built options in a number of sizes and colours.

    FunAir’s BigAir  is the first inflatable specifically designed for yachting and the new features make it the safest option on the market.

    It has stabilising outriggers that stop it turning in the ocean, and an inflatable stand-off that keeps it in place and away from the yacht. Friends can jump from the deck straight onto the surface and launch their partners into the air; and should anyone have so much fun that they roll off the back of it, the stand-off will make sure they don’t bump into the hull of the yacht.