Vanquish VQ40 Sports Line Chase Boat

Chase Boats

Creating a sense of drama not always associated with other types of tenders, the quintessential chase boat is central to a superyacht’s inventory. 

Able to largely operate independently by “chasing” the mothership, a chase boat has traditionally been too big to live onboard and has therefore been towed rather than stowed.

Often owing styling to its mothership, a superyacht chase boat marries agility and seaworthiness with luxury and grandeur.

In an era of superyacht volume and range being larger than ever, the chase boat is no longer an isolated category and now means different things in different circumstances.

For many of the largest yachts (80m+), garage space is often dedicated to an array of custom tenders, while for many ‘smaller’ boats, a conventional chase tender either transported or on tow remains an indispensable solution.

How big are chase boats?

Chase boats are typically in the region of 8-20m.

Can a RIB be a chase boat?

Yes — Rigid Inflatables Boats are frequently used as chase boats. Where they are often less beguiling in design, they make up for in all-around versatility.

Does a limousine tender fit the bill?

Whilst many limousines offer a dry and luxurious ride with a fully enclosed cabin, they are not ideal for towing. 

Thanks to their low profile, they are generally a great candidate for stowing in a superyacht garage. Moreover, they are mostly limited to guest transfer as opposed to the relative versatility of a conventional chase boat that suits other daytime activities. 

Is a shadow vessel a chase boat?

In theory, a shadow vessel is a chase boat, but not in the traditional sense.

Arguably embodying everything you could ever need in a stand-alone chase boat, the only major drawback is, in fact, the size. 

A conventional chase boat, often called a day boat, typically grants easy access to marinas and shallower areas. Whilst our ROAM Shadow has a draft of just 1.7m, it would be the ROAM 10 or our Beachlander that takes you to shore.

What makes the perfect chase boat?

Intended as an extension of the superyacht guest experience, an archetypal chase boat is largely used for outings independent of the mothership.

Whether exploring coves, seeking swimming spots or simply soaring through the sea breeze, the ultimate chase boat, in our opinion, would feature these top three attributes.

Strength and agility

  • A robust form with great seaworthiness
  • Grippy/tight handling
  • An exhilarating experience

Dry and versatile

  • Dry ride in choppy waters
  • Good seating capacity with adaptable layout
  • Storage for toys

Ultra comfortable and luxurious

  • Spacious cabin and head (with shower)
  • Superyacht style finishes
  • Generous swim platform
Our Top 3 Chase Boats for 2023

Richard Booth, our Senior Project Manager and former tender captain, shares his top three chase boats for 2023.

Vanquish Yachts VQ45

The pinnacle of exquisitely styled superyacht chase boats, the already ultra-luxurious VQ45 offers an abundance of customisations.

Ticking all our boxes for speed and agility, with an extra wide 4.1m beam for adaptable layouts, we can’t think of a more suitable chase boat we’d rather spend long periods on.

Stunning to look at and easy to live on, the VQ45 is our ultimate pick for 2023.

ROAM 12 Adventure RIB

Fully equipped with a luxurious double berth cabin, toy and tank racks, and seating for fourteen, our ROAM 12 has much to offer in 2023.

A feature-packed RIB with clever ergonomics providing ample protection from the elements, the ROAM 12 is propelled by twin 440HP Volvo Penta D6 inboard engines.

More than a day boat, our ROAM 12 is the perfect partner to any owner with a heightened sense of adventure.

Novamarine HD 120

A high priority on seating makes a Novamarine RIB a great superyacht option.

Not just a big and powerful chase boat, this 12m HD 120 can accommodate up to 25 people!

Founded in 1983, Novamarine has been refining the construction of tubular boats for forty years.

Speak to our team today about how we can help deliver the perfect chase boat for your requirements.