Yacht Tenders

Often the most prized asset in the superyacht inventory, a perfectly coordinated tender has value well beyond measure.

From refuse and provisions, transfers and beach landings to wake sports, scuba diving, fishing and dining, the vast array of uses for a tender makes finding the optimum solution all the more challenging.

Coupled with space limitations and the need for easy deployment, coordinating the perfect fit takes first-hand experience and up-to-the-minute marketplace insight. 

Fortunately, with our friendly tender team on hand, there’s no need to feel lost at sea with all the options.

Image by Quinton Bisset

Build with ROAM

Our experienced team have been sourcing, designing and customising superyacht tenders since 2011.

With more than a decade of experience in this sector, we are now building our own fleet of custom boats under our alias ROAM.

From Adventure RIBs to Landing Crafts, we build robust and versatile tenders with a superyacht aesthetic.

Tender Refit

Whilst our new-build team thrive on construction from scratch, sometimes an existing tender is simply irreplaceable. This is where our extensive tender refit services come into their own. 

For more than a decade, we have been sharpening our outstanding reputation for a meticulous approach to tender refurbishment.

Undertaking projects for the likes of SY Sea Hawk, MY Lightning, MY Serene and MY SKY, and many more, our team have unrivalled expertise in refitting to an exacting superyacht standard.

Specialist fabricators

Proud of the dynamic and innovative environment we have created, our resourceful team have helped many owners achieve an array of extraordinary tender transformations.

From naval engineering and design to welding, electrics, carpentry, painting, tubing, and upholstery, we cater for every aspect of tender refit under one roof.

Furthermore, bringing extensive experience in aluminium, GRP, carbon, wood, glass, and textiles, we offer refurbishment for everything from RIBs and SOLAS to limousines and chase tenders. 

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