We supply Nautique boats to superyachts

We are passionate about providing owners with the best wake sports tow boat experience.

We offer a complete Nautique customisation service to ensure the perfect look, fit and usability.

Optimised to deliver the ultimate wake, Nautique combines an aggressive hull design with state-of-the-art WAVEPLATE® technology and the smart distribution of up to 3,650 lbs of ballast. Prepare to be mesmerised as water wraps around the transom to create the perfect stage for all ages and abilities.

The pinnacle of tow boats for the wake and ski arena, Nautique is the number one choice for riders of all levels around the globe.

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Our Nautique modifications

Folding Transom

Space on any boat is at a premium, and when it comes to housing tenders on superyachts, the options actually aren’t endless. Typically governed by deck or garage space, we are often challenged to find innovative storage and access solutions.

Our folding transom for Nautiques is just that. Heavy and cumbersome when detached, it’s a two-person job to manoeuvre a Nautique swim platform into place. Therefore keeping it permanently attached is the only real option. However, it not only extends the length of the boat by 67 cm, but renders the space below it largely unusable.

To combat this issue, we created a custom folding transom. Attached to the stern using a pair of heavy-duty hinges, the self-supporting transom can be raised or lowered by hand.

Custom Lifting Points

Aligned to allow the boat to be picked up vertically from cranes on the yacht, our custom lifting points are rated and certified by Lloyd’s Register Classification Society.

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Other custom options

Custom paintwork

Window tinting

Tender chocks

Removable windscreens

Removable carbon towers

Custom covers

Lifting kits

Custom upholstery

Custom backlit names

Craft the perfect wave

To truly realise the prowess of a Nautique, we urge you to try wake surfing behind any other boat.

From sunrise to sunset, there isn’t a tender that will cater for days on the water quite like a Nautique.

Surf waves longer than those at Chicama, fine-tuning the height and shape to your heart’s content.

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Top image: Laura Candy