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For owners, guests and crew alike, the thrill of adventure on a superyacht is amplified by the array of cutting-edge toys and equipment available.

Ranging from electrifying water-based innovations to luxury shore-side conveniences, the world of superyacht toys is a captivating realm that amplifies the experience of cruising the open seas.

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Finding the perfect toys for your superyacht should be an enjoyable experience, but we understand that the abundance of options and accessories can make it overwhelming. That’s where our dedicated team steps in, ready to provide tailored guidance to suit your preferences.

Established in 2011 with a singular focus on advising superyacht owners, crews, and management companies on the most fitting tenders and toys, we’ve been simplifying lives in the industry for over a decade.

Two people riding SEABOBs beside a catamaran yacht.
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Meet Mark, our Head of Operations and the driving force behind our Toys team. Mark’s not just about running operations—he’s often found waterside indulging his passion for toy testing. When he’s not making waves, if you’re quick you’ll spot him cycling, running, rock climbing, and go-karting. An avid outdoorsman and an indispensable team member, Mark and his faithful sidekick, Max, our esteemed Chief “Barketing” Officer, form an unbeatable duo driving our commitment to excellence and adventure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about any facet of superyacht toy procurement. With a robust operational background, our expertise encompasses storage, safety, maintenance and ease of use, alignment with itineraries and user ability, customisation, warranties, and much more.

Call us on  02380 016 363 or first get inspired with our recommended toys below.

Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft (PWC) have evolved into essential dual-purpose assets for superyachts.

Serving both as thrilling guest toys and indispensable tools for crew operations, PWC have a value beyond measure for daily yacht life.

Colloquially known as jet skis, the PWC market is dominated by Sea-Doo and Yamaha Waverunner brands.

Prized by superyacht owners for their top-tier performance and build quality, we can readily recommend a watercraft for every scenario.

A woman doing tricks on a Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft


A man surfing waves on an electric surfboard


Powered Water Toys

The evolution of powered water toys has brought a new dimension to yachting entertainment.

Brands like SEABOB, Fliteboard, Awake, and Manta5 have revolutionised yacht recreation. 

SEABOB offer unparalleled underwater exploration, while Fliteboard has elevated the art of surfing. Awake powers you across the waves, while Manta5 has propelled cycling on water to a whole new level.

These toys thrill your guests and elevate the status of any superyacht to an adventure-ready vessel.

A man free diving with a SEABOB



A man surfing waves on an electric surfboard


A man surfing waves on an electric surfboard


Watersport Toys

A collection of classic watersport toys is essential for owners and charter guests seeking more traditional ocean activities.

Canoes and kayaks offer serene exploration of nearby coves, while sailing dinghies allow many to hark back to their childhood.

Stand-up paddle boards offer an adventure on the water, while kitesurfing satisfies the thrill-seekers.

Tow sports are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, while the classic banana watersled promises endless fun for guests of every age.

These toys cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring there’s something for every interest.

A man free diving with a SEABOB

Stand-up Paddle Boards

A man free diving with a SEABOB

Kiteboarding Equipment


Underwater Toys

Owners and guests can get an altogether different perspective by safely exploring beneath the waves with a state-of-the-art personal submarine. 

Complemented by top-tier scuba diving and snorkelling gear, our recommended underway toys facilitate some of life’s most unique bucket-list experiences. 

Whether observing marine life or discovering sites of historical interest, these toys open doors to almost unimaginable adventure.

Learn more about the U-Boat Worx range of personal submarines.


A man scuba diving near coral reefs using a Scubapro regulator.


Superyacht Gyms

Exercising on a superyacht transcends the typical gym routine.

Top-tier treadmills, cross trainers, and multi-gyms seamlessly integrate into your gym space, providing panoramic ocean views while guests sweat it out.

Spa-quality amenities, and yoga and meditation accessories help to elevate the body and the mind for an ethereal onboard fitness experience.

A luxury yacht equipped with Technogym Equipment

Technogym Equipment

Land Toys

Whether you prefer the comfort of a seated ride or the nimbleness of standing, our array of micro-mobility vehicles cater seamlessly to superyachts.

From pedal assistance to throttle control, off-road to urban, short bursts to lengthier rides; work with us to ensure a luxurious and versatile range of options for every discerning traveller’s exploration and convenience.

A luxury yacht equipped with Technogym Equipment

Gccycle Electric Bike

We are here to assist regardless of your situation—whether you’re in the design phase, undergoing a new build, or refreshing your yacht’s garage. Reach out to us without hesitation for personalised support that caters to your specific requirements.